How To Make Order For Betting?

Learn about our work process. You need to follow the steps below to make your first Order.


Open An Account

Create a user profile for yourself using the register option and get ready to make an order.


Make an Prediction

Every day before 6:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, make an decision whether today Bitcoin close price will be higher or lower than yesterday Bitcoin closed price.


Send Your Order

Now you are ready to place order after you make an decision. Send your 100DOG token order to our corresponding wallet address before 6:30AM EST. If you make right prediction, you will get pay 20% of your 100DOG order within 24 Hours after Bitcoin daily market price close. Otherwise, if you make wrong prediction, you will lose your order. Remember, if you send your 100DOG token order after 6:30AM EST, your order will be considered as next day Bitcoin price prediction, not for today Bitcoin price prediction. At the bottom of our website, we have Bitcoin Daily Live Chart link for your reference to make daily prediction. The more you study about price chart, the better decisions you can make. Note: we may change minimum deposit and pay out rate in random time.


Weekly Stake 100DOG Token

Don't want to involve trading risks, you can simply send your 100DOG to our corresponding staking wallet address. And you will get back your 100DOG token with staking rewards after 7 days. Stake lock in time: 7 days. Staking rate: 14% APR. Note: we may change minimum deposit and staking rate in random time.


About 100DOG Token

100DOG TRC20 Token is a compliant digital coin currency on Tron blockchain. It is a unique and fully decentralized TRC20 token on Tron blockchain. 80% coin locked in Liquidity pool, it means one per dog coin price will never go below 100TRX.

Total Supply

Total Supply : 100. Symbol : "100D".

Contract Address



It is a fully decentralized TRC20 token on Tron blockchain.

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Ready To Make a Trade Order or Stake 100DOG

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